Teeth Whitening

What is Laser teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a simple, conservative way to improve the appearance of a smile and reduce tooth discoloration. Whiter teeth can make one look younger and, as most people agree, more attractive.

Until recently, the most common way to whiten teeth was to soak them in a solution of hydrogen peroxide or a similar substance.

Laser teeth whitening treatment is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that adds the use of a laser to in-office teeth whitening.

In true laser teeth whitening, the laser is required to activate the chemicals in the whitening gel, producing faster and more effective results.

In whitening techniques using lights, including those products you can use at home, the light only functions to produce heat. When whitening gel containing peroxide chemicals heats up, it works faster.

Basic Steps to Laser Teeth Whitening:

1. Screening

It is recommended that pregnant women and adolescents delay laser teeth whitening if possible. The dentist will also check to see if your gums have receded to expose a significant amount of the tooth root.

2. Pre-Treatment

The next step is for the dentist or hygienist to clean your teeth.

3. Medication

Any form of tooth whitening can cause temporary sensitivity, especially in persons who already have some sensitivity in their teeth.

4. The Whitening

When it’s time to begin whitening, you’ll lean back in the dentist chair as usual, and the dentist will use a rubber or plastic guard to hold your mouth open. See steps below.

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Laser teeth whitening treatment is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that adds the use of a laser to in-office teeth whitening.

Laser teeth whitening is completed in a dental office, and the procedure consists of a few simple steps:

  1. First, your dentist will place a plastic or rubber guard in your mouth to keep it open.
  2. Then they will apply a protective layer over your gums to shield them from the bleaching gel. These layers typically harden, creating a rubber-like layer on your gums. This helps prevent gum irritation and burning.
  3. Once the protective layer forms, your dentist will carefully apply the whitening gel to your teeth. Then they'll use a pen-like laser to activate the gel. The gel will foam, which means it's working to remove stains from your teeth.
  4. The gel is left on your teeth for a few minutes. Then your dentist will remove it with a small vacuum. The dentist will repeat these steps up to three or four times until your teeth reach the desired shade.
  5. Your dentist will rinse your mouth out and remove the protective layer over your gums.